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The importance of digital marketing in the modern world


In today’s world, being digitally savvy has never been more important and yet despite this, there’s a major digital marketing skills gap forming in the US, UK, Australia and Ireland to name a few. And failing to bridge this gap can cost economies up to £63bn a year in lost income. With this much demand for digital skills, it’s vital now more than ever that individuals have the relevant digital skills to compete in the competitive business climate or be at risk from being left behind.

The great news is anyone can become a digital marketer. So if you’re thinking of making it in the modern world by becoming a digital marketer yourself, read on, as we discover the benefits that can come with your new-found skills if you decide to become an expert in online marketing:

Start your own career

Whether you want to get your product or service out there to the masses, or simply market yourself to potential employers, developing or enhancing your existing digital marketing skills will enable you to achieve both of these.

In the 21st century working world, standing out from other potential candidates and colleagues has never been more important. According to Forbes, on average, 118 people apply for any-given job , so you’ll need to make an impression and stand out even before you get your foot in the door.

Digital marketing skills will enable you to effectively market yourself. Learn to build your presence on Twitter and LinkedIn the right way, start an engaging blog or involve yourself in online professional conversations. Building your online presence and marketing yourself as a brand could be the deciding factor between getting that position over another candidate, or that promotion over another colleague.

There’s also the opportunity for entrepreneurs to effectively market their products and services through learning the art of digital marketing and having a better chance of competing with the bigger brands through the power of digital.

Earn more than your non-digital savvy peers

As we mentioned earlier, in terms of worldwide digital skills, business is booming. As businesses realise traditional marketing methods alone won’t bring in revenue, it has resulted in a surge in demand for digital skills globally and a lot of individuals who are struggling to meet those demands, leaving what’s called ‘the digital skills gap’.

This is bad news for businesses in high demand for digital skills, but good news for those with said digital skills. It’s basic economics that when demand exceeds supply, prices start to rise, meaning businesses are ready to offer a little more to digital marketers compared to experts in the more traditional marketing roles, so there’s room for healthy salaries to be negotiated for those in possession of the right digital skills.

Benefit from more career choice

Because there’s so much demand for digital professionals, you’re spoilt for choice once you master those all-important digital marketing techniques.

Your career could lead you down a number of exciting avenues including social media marketing, copywriting, e-mail marketing, inbound and content marketing. It can also take you to many different countries around the world as your horizons expand and bigger opportunities begin to start presenting themselves to you globally. Big tech companies such as Google and Facebook provide an array of digital opportunities and a wider variety means you can afford to be selective about the role you take on if you choose to work for someone. But remember to do your research and choose a role that meets your needs.

Presenting a number of exciting and well-paid career paths, there has never been a better time to brush up on, or expand, your digital marketing skills.

It’s never been so easy to open so many doors to a wide variety of career choices. IgniteHub offers you a gateway to the world of digital marketing.

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There’s also a selection of digital marketing tools to help budding entrepreneurs sell themselves or their start-ups, or simply somewhere professionals can practice the invaluable skills they learn from our courses, it truly is a one-stop-shop for all your digital marketing needs.

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