Top Tips for adopting a healthy work-life balance


Let’s start with a question:

How many of you often say to yourself at least once or twice a day “I wish there were more hours in the day. I’m so stressed, I need a holiday, I’m never going to get all this done, I’m going to have to take it home and work through the night?”

Bet most of you reading this are nodding your heads – right?

We wish there were more hours in the day, we wish time would slow down so we could get what we needed to get done actually done. We stress ourselves out with worry over the most trivial things and often find ourselves taking work home with us to get completed so that you don’t spend the entire evening feeling anxious about what you’re walking in to the next day. We feel consumed to go above and beyond, trying to balance learning new skills to help us get ahead in our career with hitting our targets and other working deadlines. So, we end up putting in extra hours, but neglecting ourselves – and often our personal life – in the process.

And many of us do this because we feel that putting in all that extra time, effort and stress will make us more successful, help us to succeed in our careers and assist us in climbing up the career ladder even quicker. But I’m here to tell you that in fact that’s not the case, and to be totally honest it’s quite an unhealthy trap to fall into.

To become your most successful you, there needs to be an adequate work-life balance. And I’m not disputing that putting in the effort in your working life won’t pay dividends to your future aspirations and goals, much like learning or developing new skills in areas such as digital marketing won’t – but you must have a life outside of this too. Because this is going to contribute to you getting ahead in life more than working yourself into the ground will, because let’s face it – you won’t be in any position to enjoy your new-found success anyway if your life and free time is consumed around work.

The power of social media and other digital platforms has given many of us the ability to create a life we want people to see rather than the reality of the actual situation when it comes to our health and well-being. And because so many people out there portray a really distorted perception of work-life balance reality, our goals of finding a healthy balance between the two can become severely impacted as we start to compare ourselves to others who seem to be achieving this ‘perfect lifestyle’, when the reality is actually unattainable. Instead, we need to design our own life, based around what we want rather than what we’re led to believe we should have, and refuse to let the power of others guide the direction that’s best for you and your family’s complete journey to happiness and success.

So, we’ve put together a few tips on how even the most successful business folk amongst us can adapt to, and incorporate, a healthy work-life balance into their lives whilst still being able to enjoy the successes that working can bring and develop those necessary skills – without the need to unduly burn ourselves out.

Make the most of your time

Let’s go back to the beginning of this article for this one. Not enough hours in the day? Struggling to find time to accomplish everything you wanted to or get things done?

Truth is, we can’t control or change the amount of given time in a day. It’s a fact. But what we can control is how we use the time we have and make the most of it. This factor fits in quite nicely with balancing the personal side of a work-life balance but can also be used to effectively manage our work load too.

Many of us have to commute to work on a daily basis or find ourselves having to go to meetings and losing hours travelling here, there and everywhere. So why not use the commute time to catch up on things or get ahead and get a few things checked off your list (be it home related or work)? You could read up on the latest news and insights so you’re aware of current trends, to help inspire you with new and fresh ideas. Perhaps you’re wanting to learn new skills and more about digital marketing? You could tune in and watch some tutorials or short courses from IgniteHub during your commute. Or just take some you time and listen to that podcast you’ve been putting off for days or read a chapter of your favourite book – whatever it is you do, be it work related or not, make sure you get the most out of your time.

There’s nothing worse than feeling guilty that you’ve spent time doing nothing when you could have been doing something – be it sat on a train, tube, bus, or in the car. Make the most of your time and get value from what you have and in turn that will help alleviate some of the pressures we place on ourselves to get things done.

Leave work at work

What’s also important to remember when trying to adopt a healthy work-life balance is that you leave work at work. Get into the habit of developing that on-off switch between work and home life. Working in an office? Make sure you leave on time and aren’t frantically trying to finish that piece of work that means staying an extra hour. It’ll be a rushed job and you’ll only end up redoing it tomorrow. Work from home? Shut the office door behind you when it’s time to switch off for the day and don’t look back. Instead look forward to what your evening activities are going to be. Nice glass of wine with friends? Helping the kids with their homework or reading them their favourite book? Sitting down to watch the soaps? Or even having a browse through social media? Whatever your downtime is, make the most of it and make sure work is left at work.

Take a mental break

As much as working is an important priority in life, so is your mental health and well-being. Taking a break is incredibly important to allow for a time of renewal, reflection and focus. Nobody was designed to sit in front of a computer and stare at a screen for 8 solid hours a day, and not taking regular breaks (even a quick toilet break for 5 minutes) can lead to some serious health issues.

Taking a little bit of ‘you time’ will work wonders for your well-being and mental health and it may even help benefit your career too as research suggests that taking breaks helps employees become better at their jobs and the tasks they are working on because they become more focused, less burnt out and more productive in the long run.

So, go for it! Have those five minutes of self-reflection, get up and stretch, take the holiday you’ve accrued, leave your laptop at the office for one night – give yourself some mental time off and enjoy it!

Be flexible with your working patterns and time

When it comes to work, the majority of employers and companies today are fairly open to the concept of flexible working to allow you to have that work-life balance. And providing the option to work remotely is fast becoming the norm – especially in cases where you need to either be at home or have a private appointment to attend. Flexible working gives you the opportunity to make that time up later in the day from home, or back at work.

Your children have a school nativity play that you need to attend, you have a personal appointment, or you just need to be at home? Flexible working gives you the ability to be able to work from home when needed, go in earlier or stay a little later one day in the week, whatever suits you best. And many employers are fast getting onboard with this to ensure employee happiness and optimum performance and productivity.

However, some companies are still very old school when it comes to things like flexible working and in many cases, it doesn’t suit a lot of employees who like to have the freedom and flexibility with their time – especially when family is concerned.

The beauty of IgniteHub means that not only do you have more flexibility with your time, but you also have the freedom to become your own boss and earn money at the same time through the Affiliate and MSI programs. Plus, you get to do it from absolutely anywhere you like. Your home study, the coffee shop down the road, even the garden! The world really is your oyster with IgniteHub. It presents a world of opportunities you would never dream possible and the freedom to become financially independent without being tied down to a desk Monday to Friday, 9 – 5. This means that if you need to, you can spend time with your children in the day and work by night, or work on a Saturday, work at 9pm – work whenever suits you and do whatever fits your work-life balance best. And that is the definition of flexible working right there!

Enhance your skills, find your passion and stay inspired

One of life’s greatest motivations – especially when it comes to adopting a work-life balance – is actually doing something you enjoy and are passionate about. And if this also helps with your career too then you’re winning all round! So, our tip here is to enhance those skills you desperately want, find your passion and that in turn will help you to stay inspired. There’s nothing worse than feeling you have no value in what you’re doing and it’s important to keep that mind in a healthy state as well as your work-life balance. And if this means learning a new skill in your own time then we say go for it. Find what motivates you to achieve more, be successful and above all else – enjoy what you do. But do it when you want to do it rather than because you feel pressured to do it otherwise you’ll still be stuck at ground zero.

With the world of digital marketing fast evolving, we’re seeing more and more people wanting to embrace this digital era and learn new skills to help not only with their career but with their overall lifestyle too. And the beauty of IgniteHub means that you can gain these skills and this experience in your own time, and at your own pace. You can fit it around family life, socialising, work – wherever and whenever you want to pick it up, use the tools, take a short course, or watch a video tutorial on an area you’re interested in – you can. Because you are doing this for you, and only you!

With IgniteHub, there’s no pressure to achieve X, Y and Z in a week. This is a platform built for you to utilise to your needs and nobody else’s. If you’re opting to do this because you want to develop your skills to progress within your working life, then yes you may want to fly through things to get you there faster. Or if you’re doing it for your own personal gain, because you’re starting a new business venture, or for future prospects then however long it takes is entirely up to you – so long as it keeps inspiring you and you remain equally as passionate about it.

Once you’ve found what motivates and inspires you then you’ll naturally want to allow yourself to spend more time on it – but because it’s about personal gain over work commitments. Again, bringing in that healthy work-life balance. Plus, with IgniteHub, if you join up to the Affiliate program you can also make money as you learn too! That’s added inspiration right there – bonus!

Live a little, laugh a lot!

Sometimes we get so caught up and consumed by our daily routines that we often forget to take a step back and enjoy life for what it really is. Life is too short to live each day completely enraptured in your work, which can often start to feel like you’re merely existing rather than actually living.

In order to achieve that healthy work-life balance you need to take the time to live a little. Go out, have fun, do whatever it is that’s going to allow you to forget work for a few hours and make you smile. Not only does it help break up your working week, it’s also key to achieving a greater overall work-life balance.

But don’t forget, smiles and laughter don’t have to be restricted to just the outside world. You are allowed to have a good time at work too – just so long as it’s balanced and doesn’t consume the entire day or productivity of your work or output! Talk to your colleagues about things you all like, your evening plans, relax, and laugh together – encourage a balanced working culture that in turns helps to achieve a healthier and happier work-life balance.

The Final Word

To find that healthy work-life balance spend time listening to yourself. What do you want to spend time on? What do you want to be doing? What do you actually want to achieve in life and at work? What refreshes you? Find that inspiration and take small steps to find and maintain that perfect balance between working and your personal life.

It’s true that attaining a work-life balance can often seem impossible to achieve or accomplish, or even sometimes out of reach. And more often than not we’re all striving to achieve this image of ‘perfection’ when in reality this is more often than not the furthest thing from perfection.

With IgniteHub you can achieve all this and more. Tired of working a mundane 9 – 5 job and want more variety and time at home? Become your own boss. Simple. Want to explore potential career paths and make a difference in life? Become the master and creator of your own fate and do something about it. And with IgniteHub you can. And you can do it all while keeping that work-life balance in check too.

If this seems like a key opportunity to help you achieve a healthy work-life balance, then what are you waiting for? Sign up to the world’s greatest digital marketing platform ever and see just what you can achieve in life.

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